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Bernina Straight Stitch Foot With Non-Stick Sole #53

Manufacturer #:008478.74.00
Straight Stitch Foot 53 is ideal for sewing a straight seam, topstitching, or edge stitching on fabrics that are difficult to sew, such as microfibre fabrics, plastic, vinyl and leather.


It produces a neat, consistent stitch pattern, useful when precision straight-stitching is required, such as when topstitching.


The foot features two toes of different widths, providing two guiding lines for seam allowances of different widths.


Especially heavy materials benefit from its wide sole which presses securely against the seam or hem, preventing puckering. The result: neat, even seams.


This foot is also suitable for sewing fine fabrics, as it prevents them from flagging.

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